There are many large websites providing bands for weddings, parties and functions, but most of them have very high prices - due to the commission they charge. The smart way to hire a jazz band for your wedding is to go straight to the musicians themselves, in most cases saving you a lot of money.

What type of music is best for weddings?

There are a few options you have when choosing music for your wedding. Should I hire a DJ or a live wedding band? Which type of music is best suited to the wedding reception, the ceremony, the last dance? One type of music seems to be making a comeback, and that's swing, and in fact classic jazz in general. Vinyls are coming back, and movies like La La Land and Whiplash are portraying the liveliness and cool image of jazz to wider audiences. 

Why choose a live Jazz band for your wedding?

Jazz bands are flexible.

The best thing about having a jazz band at your wedding is that they can take almost any song request. 

Secondly, you can choose a customisable size of a solo performance up to an octet 8 piece band - and this does not make a difference to the repertoire capable of being performed. Jazz musicians are not dependent on particular instrumental line ups or backing tracks and can perform the same tunes in different styles.

The element of improvisation in jazz means that the musicians can capture and blend in with the moment - since there is a spontaneity to the way standards are performed, the tune can be played subtly differently to reflect the moment in time.

The physical size of a jazz band takes up less space than you'd think - especially when going acoustic (with no amps or electronics). For example, a typical quartet could fit into a small snug space with the band close to each other, due to the absence of large electrical equipment that louder rock or pop bands would require.

Volume - jazz bands are automatically at an advantage when it comes to optimum volume. Jazz bands usually play at a volume where guests can hear each other comfortably without needing to raise their voices, whilst the jazz band can still pleasantly be heard in the background. If for any reason the general atmosphere causes a need for volume adjustment, then our experienced musicians will raise or (rarely) lower the sound output to perfectly suit the occasion.